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Bathroom Bathtub (AM505-S)

Bathroom Bathtub (AM505-S)

Price : USD 3,449.00

Waterfall water inlet, beautiful and quick-to-fill water into the tub. Side massage jets: 180 degree swing can massage your body more comfortably Bottom jets: 8pcs,air bubble type with colorful bottom lights. Long lifespan of 100,000 on-off cycles for the heart of whirlpool bathtub the motor and pump EAGO patented 100% drainable system can expel water completely from the pipe networks after each usage and avoid the bad smell and bacteria-growing caused by kept water later on  

Specifications :

  • Water capacity : 320 Litres Normal faucet MP3 Player hookup FM radio adds your enjoyment in massage-bathing
  • Size : 1540x1540x800mm